In Nature, as in the spaces where humans live, colours are able to cause sensations of wellbeing and emotions; RGB technology makes it possible to create light effects and charming atmospheres by obtaining a “living” light, dynamic in colour and over the years. The acronym RGB stands for Red Green Blue while RGBW stands for Red Green Blue White and identifies the technology thanks to which we can mix multicolour sources, Red Green Blue and White, obtaining a wide range of shades of colour and nuances up to 16.7 million of possible combinations. Control of the LED sources via RGB or RGBW technology assumes a fundamental role for their integration in complex lighting systems composed of various types of lighting sources, since they can adapt their shades of saturated colours to satisfy us. iSMART CC is the versatile system in managing complex lighting systems since it allows LED sources supplied with current to be controlled through some of the most important and well-known management protocols in architectural lighting. iSMART CC interfaces in fact with DALI Master control boards and Master DMX/RDM devices and with 0-10V regulation systems and free contacts, since it can be used in a wide range of applications and design spheres where creating complex lighting shows blends with simplicity of use and utilisation.
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Certificates and requirements
Technical drawings
Code input output
10.101350 24-48VDC 3 x 350-500-700mA
10.101351 24-48 VDC 4 x 350-500-700mA

Power Supply: 24/48VDC
Output power: max 67,2W (16,8W per channel at 24VDC)

Control inputs:
• DMX/RDM (3/4ch DMX -RGBW) 
• 0-10V 
• Free contacts
• BCD rotary selectors

• No. 3/4 channels Constant Voltage (max 2,1A total; 700mA per channel at 24/48VDC.
• DMX (in Stand Alone mode)
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