Creating compositions, varying the perception of spaces: light is substance to build living spaces, when a luminaire can fulfil both past and contemporary architectural requirements. In this way Square, with rigour and cleanness, creates multiple geometries within the environment.

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Certificates and requirements
Available configuration
Types of light emission

Luminaire designed for suspended installation. Suitable for both LED sources and fluorescent lamps. It is composed of a body made of extruded aluminium and closing cover made of aluminium. All parts are polyester powder coated to ensure durability over time and maximum resistance against atmospheric agents. The installation is allowed through 4 stainless steel cables adjustable in height with micrometric regulation system. A powered supply box made of painted sheet steel and 3-5 pole transparent power cable complete the different SQUARE-S models. The same components can be completely made of satin or mirror aluminium, submitted to a specific “Anti-Touch” treatment, which ensures cleanness over time. The diffuser screen in polished white milk PMMA is integral to the body through a special glue-sealant used in shipbuilding. Protection degree IP44. The luminaires of this family can be equipped with DALI communication protocol, analog 1/10V or simple manual push button system and emergency kit. This range of luminaires, compatibly with the sizes, can also be completed with Wi-Fi internal router for the diffusion of wireless signals in the surrounding area.

Technical drawings

SQUARE-S 215 215 x 215 x H100mm Download files
SQUARE-S 300 300 x 300 x H100mm Download files
SQUARE-S 420 420 x 420 x H100mm Download files
SQUARE-S 500 500 x 500 x H100mm Download files
SQUARE-S 610 610 x 610 x H100mm Download files
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