Many are the expedients to give strong emotions: playing with light and its potentials is one of these. FLAT, an adjustable ceiling, floor and wall-mounted projector, emphasises the beauty of the surrounding spaces, accentuating their unique and exclusive details.

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Certificates and requirements
Available configuration
Types of light emission

Luminaire made of anticorodal aluminium alloy, for the continuous use in outdoors area. It is designed for floor, wall and ceiling installation through stainless steel adjustable bracket, provided with extensional ladder and mechanical locking system. Suitable for high power LED sources, its body is submitted to anodizing treatment up to 18 micron and polyester powder coated to guarantee durability over time and maximum resistance against atmospheric agents. The specific diffuser in tempered and screen-printed extra-clear glass is integral to the body through a special glue-sealant used in shipbuilding. The PMMA square-based optics, allow the propagation of the light beam for long distances. The protection degree IP66 is ensured by a special waterproof cable gland system insert into the appliance. The integrated LED driver allows its power supply at 24VDC. ‚ÄčIt is equipped with a 50cm long neoprene cable for connection to the supply line, through appropriate waterproof connection systems to be ordered separately.

Technical drawings

FLAT 1 75 x 40 x H77mm Download files
FLAT 2 130 x 40 x H150mm Download files
FLAT 3 180 x 40 x H200mm Download files
FLAT 4 230 x 40 x H250mm Download files
FLAT 2B 130 x 40 x H150mm Download files
FLAT 3B 180 x 40 x H200mm Download files
FLAT 4B 230 x 40 x H250mm Download files
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