The illumination of external surfaces requires a concrete presence of light coming from a discreet luminaire. Resistant to bad weather, invisible due to its dimensions, T1 is the continuous light source which seems to arise from the same structure where it is placed.
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Available configuration
Types of light emission
Certificates and requirements
  • 03 anodized alluminium
Technical drawings
Version Code Lamp Lumen 2700K Lumen 3000K Lumen 4000K RGB Light beam Power supply
T1.545 04.102504 7,2W 933 950 1002 248 .DI 24 VDC
T1.1045 04.102505 14,4W 1865 1900 2005 495 .DI 24 VDC
T1.1545 04.102506 21,6W 2799 2850 3006 744 .DI 24 VDC
T1.2045 04.102507 28,8W 3730 3800 4010 990 .DI 24 VDC
Luminaire designed for wall or ceiling installation using fixing clips or stainless steel adjustable brackets to be ordered separately. Suitable for LED sources of different powers, its body is composed of an external tubular profile in transparent, satin or opal polycarbonate, resistant to UV rays. The inner body is made of extruded aluminum to enhance heat dissipation. The luminaire protection degreeIP67 is ensured by double O-ring gaskets. Closing end caps are made of anodized alluminium. The luminaire is supplied with rear cable output. It is equipped with a 50cm long cable for connection to the 24VDC power supply line through appropriate connection systems to be ordered separately. 24VDC Electronic driver to be ordered as an accessory.