Light of History

The light of the Lam32 meets art and gives it a new history.

Environments full of spirituality, history and emotions, places where “beautiful light is light that cannot be seen”
Spaces in which culture is expressed, is narrated and is
manifested through thousands of aspects.
Churches, historical buildings, museums, art galleries…
Places in which the history of art and architecture blend,
creating unique experiences for those who see them.
What do you do to find the right lighting in such places?
How do you interpret their beauty, their great value and their uniqueness?
By leaving it to them to reveal themselves, treating them with respect, returning them to be seen exactly as they are in the imagination of those who designed them and gave them their history …. with the right light that can tell their story in the best possible way.

Discrete and elegant, the luminaires want to be not very visible: they integrate with perfection in the environment in which they are installed to guarantee evocative, intense lighting, in which what counts is not the design of the product, but the quality of the light itself.

This is only possible by remaining faithful to the architectures, to the works that are displayed, lighting with discretion, without making the light source the protagonist, camouflaging it in the finishes, hiding it as best as possible in the cable ducts, niches and architectural details of every kind. In this way the light assumes the role of “guide” for the spectator who is directed, inspired, led in search of the work, whether it is a building, a painting or an historical exhibit.

With this aim, Lam32 has studied a range of special products, designed for churches all over the world. A collection of luminaires that allow the existing numerous variants of art to be treated as best as possible with the unavoidable aim of preserving them, keeping them in a perfect state of conservation.