Simplicity: the special characteristic that makes this luminaire precious, combining technology and design, reproducing light in its thousands facets. It is up to the task for all occasions. The ability and creativity of the design complete the work, showing the absolute versatility of N6 that can be installed on the wall, ceiling or suspended.

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Certificates and requirements
Available configuration
Types of light emission

Luminaire designed for wall or ceiling installation using supplied appropriate profile. Suitable for LED sources of different powers, its body is made of anodized extruded aluminium, with transparent or opal PMMA diffuser, resistant to UV rays, to ensure the maximum level of performance, visual comfort and cleanness over time. Closing end caps are made of anodized aluminium. The luminaire can be ordered with head or rear cable output. It is equipped with a 50cm long cable for connection to the 24VDC power supply line. 24VDC Electronic driver to be ordered as an accessory.

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