The transformation of the spaces, non-invasive but with an obvious light contribution, is the objective set by N8, the luminaire designed for minimal and streamlined décor, the accent of which is placed on the luminous output. The design of comfortable and unique spaces transforms every surface, enhancing its beauty.

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Certificates and requirements
Available configuration
Types of light emission

Luminaire designed for ceiling, wall or suspended installation in a continuous row or as individual modules through appropriate accessories. Suitable for power LED sources. Its external body is made of anodized extruded aluminium and its internal luminous module is removable without any tools. Mains voltage power supply and feed-through wiring for continuous row, included. The diffuser screen is made of satin polycarbonate (PC) to ensure the maximum level of performance, visual comfort and cleanness over time. Closing end caps are made of anodized aluminium. The luminaires of this family can be equipped with DALI communication protocol, analog 1/10V or simple manual push button system. This range of luminaires can also be ordered with electrified module in the permanent emergency.

Technical drawings

N8 EVO H75mm 50mm x H75mm Download files
N8 EVO H75mm CORNER 90° 50mm x H75mm Download files
N8 EVO H75mm VERTICAL-HORIZONTAL INNER 50mm x H175mm Download files
N8 EVO H95mm 50mm x H95mm Download files
N8 EVO H95mm CORNER 90° 50mm x H95mm Download files
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