The homogeneous diffused light is ideal for lighting spaces expressing its own personality in a distinctive unique way. The luminaire is available in different versions: different shapes that satisfy the various design needs. POKET EVO is installed recessed using a special plasterboard frame. A niche in the wall or ceiling from which the light spreads homogeneously, assuming the role of absolute protagonist. It escapes magically from a precise point, to cover the whole space, undisturbed, to create suggestions that narrate a unique light experience.
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Available configuration
Types of light emission
Certificates and requirements
  • 01 painted white
  • 02 painted black
  • 03 painted alluminium
  • 04 painted corten
  • 11 painted anthracite
Technical drawings
Version Code Lamp Lumen 2700K Lumen 3000K Lumen 4000K Light beam Power supply
POCKET EVO-V 08.104149 LED 10W 960 1000 1040 .AS 230 VAC
POCKET EVO-S 08.104297 LED 2x10W 1920 2000 2080 .AS 230 VAC
Luminaire designed for fixed recessed installation on walls and ceilings. Suitable for LED COB sources for asymmetric ambient light. Its body is made of painted aluminum sheet. The white version could be coated with wall hardening after sanding. Sandblasted PMMA closing diffuser is integral to the body through stainless screws. The installation on plasterboard walls is allowed by the fixing of the external body with screws in the appropriate microperforated brackets. The same body can be used for installation on masonry walls. Mains voltage 230VAC.