Phantom Circle

The balance of the living space is accentuated by the perfect luminous output light yield of PHANTOM CIRCLE: elegance, sinuosity, a circular design that integrates with the surrounding architecture, enhanced by the purity of its forms. The perfect solution for flooding the spaces with bright light. Form and dimensions interpret a precise function: to give light an important role, able to enhance naturally the peculiar features of the surface in which it is inserted. The accurate selection of materials is a guarantee of absolute quality in terms of homogeneousness and light transmission: a sure ally for a successful architectural project.
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Available configuration
Types of light emission
Certificates and requirements
  • 01 painted white
  • 02 painted black
  • 04 painted corten
  • 11 painted anthracite
  • 03 painted grey
Technical drawings
Version Code Lamp Lumen 2700K Lumen 3000K Lumen 4000K Light beam Power supply
PHANTOM CIRCLE 1 01.104430 LED 4W 473 498 513 .DI 230 VAC
PHANTOM CIRCLE 2 01.104431 LED 7W 1023 1079 1113 .DI 230 VAC
PHANTOM CIRCLE 3 01.104432 LED 11W 1496 1577 1626 .DI 230 VAC
Luminaire designed for wall and ceiling installation. Suitable for LED sources, it is composed of a body made of polyester powder coated aluminum sheet to ensure durability over time and maximum resistance against atmospheric agents. A specific transparent crystal-clear diffuser screen in PMMA, submitted to a processing treatment from solid, ensures a perfect uniformity of light distribution and performance. The screen is integral to the body through a special glue-sealant used in shipbuilding. The installation is allowed through a hidden installation plate in stainless steel sheet by hidden fixing screws. Protection degree IP65 of these luminaires is ensured by a special glue-sealant used in shipbuilding and appropriate waterproof cable gland system. It is equipped with a 25cm long cable for connection to the 230VDC power supply line.